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We are trained and qualified to fix anything that’s gone wrong with your air conditioner

If you are experiencing any problems with your aircon our experts will check all areas of your AC system with a full diagnostic. Honesty and fair pricing are our core values. So, you can rest assured that we’ll find the best AC repair solution for you, at the best price!

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Most common air conditioner problems:

If your air conditioner is struggling to work properly, the problem might be able to be traced back to the refrigerant. Too much refrigerant (overcharging or overfilling) or Too little refrigerant  which will result in inadequate cooling of your unit.

Dirty condenser coils mean the coils can’t remove heat from the air which affects your a/c’s ability to cool, and in some cases can stop it from cooling altogether.

Never cleaning your a/c’s filter decreases the amount of air flow through the inside and outside units. This decreases your air conditioner’s efficiency and can cause other, bigger problems.

A frozen evaporator coil is usually the result of not cleaning your a/c’s filter and therefore frozen coils can’t absorb the heat from the air circulating around them.

If the drain line to your a/c unit is clogged, the water the unit removes from the air has nowhere to go and usually results in a leaking aircon, which can damage your unit. Regular maintenance can prevent this from happening.

Older thermostats can send the wrong information to your a/c unit because it’s incorrectly calibrated. Newer thermostats can be difficult to program. We will check your settings and make sure it is programmed correctly.

Our service package includes:

Here is a list of some common types of aircons found in Singapore that we service.

These are compact units which can be easily mounted onto a high wall or through a window. Each unit can efficiently cool one room, such as the living room or bedroom.

These are larger units usually found in offices and larger living rooms. It looks neat and saves space as the aircon mechanism is largely hidden in the ceiling. It is also more powerful than wall-mounted or window-mounted units and can cool large areas quickly.

Another popular option for retail stores and offices are the ceiling suspended units as their wide air openings allow a consistent airflow around the office area.

A common option in commercial buildings, a ducted air conditioning system allows the building management to control the entire system from a central location. However, that does mean servicing and maintenance can get complicated.

For such systems, our team will dismantle the grille vents before vacuuming the duct vents using a HEPA filter vacuum to collect the debris and mould spores inside. A fog machine is then deployed to spray disinfectant and sanitise the ducts before reinstalling the grille vents.

Finally, the edges are sealed with anti-mould sealant. In some situations, re-painting of the grilles may be required in which cases we apply anti-mould paint for a longer lasting result.

As for the coil areas, we use mould and algae killing tablets which are placed under the drip pan. This process clears up existing mould and helps prevent further growth.

The drain pipes are then vacuumed using a wet vacuum to remove any other objects or blockage inside the pipes.

At the same time, our team will inspect the filters for any worn out filters to give your air conditioning system a new lease of fresh air. 

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