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Air Conditioning Mould Removal Service Specialist in Singapore

Air conditioning mould removal is crucial for those living in Singapore, where the equatorial climate brings near-constant temperatures above 30°C and relentless humidity levels exceeding 75%. These tropical conditions mean our air conditioners are working overtime every single day. With such heavy use, it's vital to ensure our AC units are not just cooling the air but also keeping it clean and healthy. A neglected air conditioning system can become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other pollutants. This makes air conditioning mould removal not just a maintenance task, but a necessity for safeguarding your indoor air quality and overall health.

Air conditioning mould removal is essential, especially in poorly ventilated buildings where air quality can significantly deteriorate. Such environments can contribute to the spread of diseases. Microorganisms, including those responsible for tuberculosis and legionellosis, can be transmitted through air-conditioning systems, particularly when they are poorly maintained or when the number of air exchanges per hour in a room is insufficient.

We specialise in home and business inspections, remediation, and servicing for all air conditioning contamination issues, including
air conditioning mould removal!

There’s nothing more crucial to good health than the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air that you breathe. So, what if the air you’re breathing every day is contaminated? It’s a horrifying scenario, and one that’s more common than you might think. Is your Singapore home or business harbouring a dirty and infected air conditioner? Air conditioning mould removal is vital to ensure the air you breathe is clean and safe.

What our clients say...

Selvi and her team are friendly, reliable, and a pleasure to deal with. The fact they use kid-safe anti-mould chemicals to clean our air cons is the main we reason we started using them, but their service keeps us coming back. Five stars!
Elise Mawson

Services to Keep Your Air-Con Healthy & Contaminant Free



An AC inspection is the important first step towards a healthy and clean, contaminant-free home environment. Ensuring your air conditioner is free of mould and other pollutants is essential for maintaining good air quality. Professional air conditioning mould removal can help achieve this.


Mould, Bacteria, Viruses and VOC’s - Removal & Remediation

Our air conditioning mould removal and remediation involve chemical cleaning of AC systems using US-imported, FDA-approved specialist chemicals. These chemicals have the lowest permissible toxicity rating while still being highly effective.


Repairs & Break downs

Our chemical cleaning of AC systems uses US-imported, FDA-approved specialist chemicals, which have the lowest permissible toxicity rating while still being effective.


We offer comprehensive quarterly AC servicing with a focus on air conditioning mould removal. Our practices strictly adhere to FDA-approved chemicals, ensuring they are non-toxic or carry the lowest rating on the FDA and Safer Chemistry under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program.

Our service package includes:

At The Healthy Air co. we use solutions which are


Our products are made with plant-based ingredients that effectively eliminate odour-causing bacteria with just one treatment, and they are safe to use on almost all surfaces.


We use no harmful chemicals in our products, ensuring they are safe for you, your family members (both human and furry), and the environment.

Environmentally friendly

Rest assured, our line of air conditioning mould removal products is not only safe for use in your home but also environmentally friendly.

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Signs of Mould in Your Air Conditioning System

Have you noticed a musty odor when your air conditioner is running? Are there dark spots on your unit's interior or the nearby walls and ceilings? If you’ve said “yes” to either of these questions, your air conditioner might be harboring mould. This type of infestation can pose significant health risks, and if left unchecked, it can lead to serious health issues for you and your family.

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