Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is the the most effective method of keeping your system clean and sanitary.

With regular use your air conditioner will begin to accumulate a buildup of Mould, airborne bacteria and dust in its filters and system which over time will affect its performance and life cycle, if not maintained correctly. In conjunction with affecting your system's performance, this buildup of mould, dust and bacteria will also result in poor air quality and potentially have serious effects on your health.

To ensure your air conditioner works optimally for its life cycle and to avoid unsanitary air flow and expensive repairs, it's crucial to have the Healthy airco team to perform regular maintenance.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

There are a wide range of benefits from having an Aircon Chemical Wash performed on your air conditioning system. Here are some of these:

  • Chemical washing clears any Mould, Bacteria and dirt from your air filter

    Filters that are blocked up with mould and bacteria will cause unsanitary air to be circulated from your system, as well as limiting the free flow of air causing your system to work under pressure. This can result in poor performance, system break downs and higher energy bills. Chemical cleaning will remove any mould and bacteria, improving air quality and allowing your system to work more efficiently.

  • Chemical washing removes blockages and stops your condenser from freezing

    As your condenser is involved in the heat exchange of your system, working to cool the air, if this isn't cleaned to flush any blockages, maintaining cool air flow can be difficult. With chemical washing you can remove any external or internal blockage that is impeding your condenser. By removing any blockages it also helps to stop your condenser from freezing, which is often caused by having either a dirty air filter, blockages in your air ducts or a fan that's malfunctioning.

  • Chemical washing can identify leaks and other issues

    When your system is washed on a regular basis it helps you to identify any issues, such as leaking refrigerant, which is harmful and can lead to health concerns.

  • Chemical washing cleans your system's evaporator

    Your evaporator coils are one of the most integral parts of your air conditioning system. With chemical washing you can ensure that mould and bacteria buildup is removed, to avoid your evaporator malfunctioning.

  • Chemical washing checks whether parts are working correctly

    When your air conditioning system receives a chemical wash the technician will also check to see that the parts are functioning correctly, such as the thermostat and the blower wheel.

Some of the cleaning steps offered as part of the chemical wash

Blower before cleaning

Blowers - Before wall Mount

Blower after cleaning

Blowers - After wall Mount

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