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How Your AC Affects Air Quality

Since your home is an enclosed environment, there is a limited amount of fresh air entering it. Using a central air conditioning unit recirculates the majority of your indoor air. This can work well when the AC filters out particles and moves plenty of air per hour. When you skip essential maintenance tasks like changing the air filters, air flow drops and particles remains in the air.

Dirty air filters fail to stop the allergens, pollen, pesticides, dust, and other outdoor irritants from mixing into your home’s air supply. If you’re still using window AC units rather than central air conditioners, you’re also likely letting in allergens where the equipment fails to seal tightly to the window opening. Finally, dust and mould can settle in the ducts of your home’s central cooling system. Each time the system turns on to distribute the air, you’re also getting a dose of mould spores or pet dander.

Dirty Air Conditioning Units Cause Health Problems

Skipping maintenance visits and allowing your air conditioner to get dirty can cause a range of problems, from serious long-term health conditions to irritating but reversible symptoms.

Filter wall before mould cleaning
  • Respiratory issues

    from asthma and allergy attacks to obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Drying of the sinuses

    nasal passages, and skin, leading to more sinus infections and flare-ups of conditions like eczema

  • Itchy eye

    and difficulty breathing, caused by the amount of particles in the air and poor air quality in general

  • Headaches

    \especially sinus headaches brought on by irritation in the nasal passages and eyes.

  • Pneumonia

    and long-term conditions like lung cancer, especially after decades of daily exposure to high levels of irritants

  • Higher rates of colds

    and other viruses, due to the drying effect on the mucus membranes that help push viruses out before they can infect you

  • Greater chances for ear infections

    especially if mould spores are present in the home since it can grow in the warm and damp environment of the middle and inner ear

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